The Bible always lays the cause of division in the church against false teaching/doctrine/teachers. It never accuses those standing for truth as dividers. Never. Not once. True division comes from the wolves that have snuck in and are preaching that which is not found in the Bible. When someone points out a false teaching, those … Continue reading Division


Psalm 119:125 I am your servant; give me discernment. Discernment is to be desired. We are to pray for discernment. And then we are to wield it. Why is discernment important? Well Jesus himself tells us in Mark 13:22:For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, … Continue reading Discernment

The Blessing of “No”

I hear a lot of people talk about God not answering prayer. They pray and pray and when it doesn't happen, they equate that with God not answering a prayer. While many people that pray acknowledge while praying that a no is possible, they don't even remotely consider that no was the answer. Some of … Continue reading The Blessing of “No”

Starting Line: Spiritual Road Trip

I’ve been on a journey. A journey to deepen my faith, knowledge of God, and love for God. Each of these are different, distinct parts of my spiritual journey that took me through mountains and valleys and if I am completely honest, lower than a valley. You could call this my search for the real … Continue reading Starting Line: Spiritual Road Trip

Life Rerouted: The Path to Now

Once upon a time, I wanted to teach Elementary school. In fact, I did teach elementary kids for two years. I learned a lot from that experience and loved every minute of it. While things got a little murky after the school and I parted ways, I still had the passion to teach. I was … Continue reading Life Rerouted: The Path to Now