I Am Mr. Josh

I teach therefore I have a Mr. in front of my name. Having my first name for the kids to call me has had it’s share of funny stories. From friends of students’ parents confused as to why students call their teacher by their first name to the funny questions and discussions students themselves have about it.

One of my favorites played out like this:

J: (Boy aged 8) Mr. Josh, what’s your first name?

C: (Boy aged 7) Mister, duh.

I’ve always believed that kids should address adults (and others) how they prefer to be addressed. If a teacher wants to be known by their first name, then so be it.

So who is Mr. Josh? Well, I am an After School Professional. If you think that’s not a real title, well, you are not required or forced to stay here then. There are other blogs and sites you can spend your time at. I also work with younger kids as well and am involved in teaching them different things. So, I consider myself and all After School Professionals to be teachers. I love a good debate but this one is not open to debate. Again, you are not required click here. If you can’t handle this simple rule, please don’t go on because this site will be reflections of my time working in this amazing world of After school, Elementary, Early Childhood, and Kids’ Ministry. It will also be walk-through of the journey I am on, professionally and spiritually.

Welcome to all those who come along. I look forward to sharing life and discussion to those who come along.

~Mr. Josh

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