The Bible always lays the cause of division in the church against false teaching/doctrine/teachers. It never accuses those standing for truth as dividers. Never. Not once. True division comes from the wolves that have snuck in and are preaching that which is not found in the Bible. When someone points out a false teaching, those followers immediately cry “love over division”. But the division doesn’t come from the truth-sayers. Division comes from those opposing the truth. Paul praised those who searched the scripture to make sure he was telling the truth. He goes further to say that if anyone, be it an angel or even himself preaches something different, let him be “anathema” which translates to “let him be damned”. We must stand for truth. You can’t blame division on those who stand for truth. The truth doesn’t take sides. It just is.

For those who need to know what Jesus’ example is when it comes to false teachers:
Pharisees were FALSE TEACHERS. They stood on what was called The Tradition of the Elders. The research and the history of The Tradition of the Elders is that it was claimed to be extra information God gave to Moses that he didn’t write down on the Tablet. This was given orally and passed on to the religious elite. Sometime during the intertestamental period, it was written down on scrolls. By Jesus day, these scrolls, “The Traditions of the Elders” were considered even more important that scripture because it contained “even better” rules and regulations to follow. Now, what was Jesus’ example when he confronted these false teachers? He rebuked them sharply, calling them brood of vipers. “He said that to the Pharisees, religious leaders.” Yes, religious leaders who were false teachers.

“Show them Jesus”. Jesus rebuked false teaching. The term “love wins” never defines itself. It just exists to shut down the conversation. After all, nobody wants to go against love. But Jesus loved enough to call out the false teaching. He exposed their deception so that people wouldn’t fall into it. Calling out and SAVING people from deception IS LOVE.

We can’t only stand on verses that make us feel comfortable. We have to understand God’s Word to its fullest. Consider Revelation 6:16 “They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us[a] from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!”

Romans chapter 5 tells us we are under God’s wrath before we are saved. The wrath of the lamb is real. And who is the lamb? Jesus. The Cross is important because it saves us from that wrath. God calls us and chooses us to be sons and daughters. He clothes us in righteousness. And all Jesus said was, repent and believe the Gospel.

Jesus is TRUTH. And if you love someone, you will do whatever it takes to pull them out of deception and show them the truth, introduce them to the truth. Love someone enough to expose the false teaching so they can embrace the Truth Christ has to offer.

False teaching blasphemes God. It assumes that God has said something he did not say. And if you know that, why would you let people continue to follow that deception? Rescue them. Call it out. Show them the scripture and point them to the truth. Christ is our truth.

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