Faking It

This blog has always been part of a personal journey. It was once followed by a lot of people who would follow it and agree mostly with what I am saying. One iteration of it was used to attack an entire church body and hurt people that I cared about. Some of those people have been out of my life since then. It could have been different, but I accept responsibility for that.

This new journey has taken me in an unexpected direction and it has come from a renewed interest in studying the scriptures and discovering what I call “Classic Christianity”. I am sure there is another term for it and I am not saying it is mine to claim, I am only saying that the spiritual path I am on has me on the beginners slope in a form of Christianity that I consider classic.

See, it’s easier than you think to fake Christianity. You can know all the words and phrases, but if you aren’t solid in the gospel, if you don’t know the true Jesus, you are simply just lying to yourself. I’ve been lying to myself for awhile. But now it has come to the point where a decision has to be made.

Either I am in, or I am out.

Jesus has to be Lord. Not just the person we think nice things about. Not just the person we celebrate twice a year for his birthday and funeral. But HE has to be everything and first. Above all other things. Job, money, relationships, family, etc. This is where I have arrived.

So let me begin this journey by saying, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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